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  • 2017.11.03

    Review of "Dr. Cameila Singh" by Dr Singh's patient

    Phone always goes to voicemail. Very hard to reach or book an appointment.

  • 2017.10.28

    Review of "Seltomar International" by Wendla

    The saga with Mr. Maga continues promised payment dates continue to come and go without the financial obligation being met including the October 23/17 deadline. Truly be careful when doing any business dealings with this company or Mr. Maga.

  • 2017.10.27

    Review of "Full Throttle Recreational Repairs" by Tom Airey

    For tuneups you can't lose. As for rebuilds he takes your money cash, for all new parts, crankshaft, pistons, rings, gaskets seals etc. This cost me $1684.00. When you pick up the seadoo it runs with your parts and used parts so he gets to defraud you of your new parts and money. He's done this with several people some people report reviews on tapatalk. He also took me for $700.00 given to him in trust for me from a customer who bought my seadoo. I still haven't seen the money. Be careful folks he's a crook. He also knows I was taking treatment for cancer and still stiffed me.

  • 2017.10.27

    Review of "Techno Space Inc" by M.N. Huda Mazumder

    You will experience an wonderful service from this business. The owner tells in details the options available and convenient for you. You can choose the options right for you. It's important for people like us that you'll get hassle free service and consultation from a right person who value your time and money. I guarantee your satisfaction will uphold.

  • 2017.10.26

    Review of "Carmit Maayan Levy Imaging" by Naomi

    I had an appointment scheduled on Oct 24 at 10:30 for a BMD at your lab on Lawrence st and Bathurst. Upon arrival I was told that the technician doing this particular test wasn't in due to an emergency of some sort. When I asked why I wasn't called to notify me, I was told by the receptionist that she did call at 8:30 a.m. I was at home then and didn't receive such a call. I checked at home when I arrived, and ineed there was no message left. I hope you agree that this is unacceptable, and I wish you would reprimand the receptionist that worked on the above date. Also, please let me know how you handled the situation. Thanks, Naomi

  • 2017.10.25

    Review of "ETS Lost and Found" by darryl giffen

    ok i go to your lost and found and i ask them if i had my phone they did so i explained i do not have ID because i lost my ID. so he said we will turn it on i just have to give him the charger the charger wasnt in my bag so i told them the charger was not in the bag so they wouldnt give me my phone i told them look the cracks are on the phone like i described but they said they were sorry but no phone so i took my 15$ cab ride back home got my charger and took another 17.50 to get back and so far iv spent 47.50 on cab they charge the phone and i wait almost 50 mins becuase they were helping other customers with there issues , when the phone tured on i put in a passowrd and all of a suddon it didnt turn on and i then remember i changed it because my girlfriend knew my password and i was sick of her deleting my stuff and i couldnt remember so i told them that and they said they couldnt give me the phone so they told me i had to give them the number on my chip i said listen let me reset the phone and then you can check it and you will see he again said no i start getting very upset and i said how the hell am i supposed to prove to u if you dont let me and then he said call your provider and tell them to give you the number on the chip i said ok let me use your phone they said we cant do this i said well how am i supposed to do that if i dont have a phone he said come back tomorrow with the chip number and o lost it so bad i screamed bad words slamed my fists down so hard i split my hand open and left yelling wasting my time and money once agian paying 17.60 on cab and will have to do the same in the morning there and back so 30 more dollars add that up thats 95$ i cant affored when the cracks , the model number , serial number, and iemi number ,the message it says when you turn it on and my heath card ,visa card and bank card should be more then enough info for me too get my phone clearly its mine you think im gonna put that much effort and time and get that upset for me too get a 170 doller phone , no no one would so all i have to say is i really really hate the people at the lost and found i hope they got scared and i now hate this city and anyone who works for the city is a really stuipid personand you guys owe me 95 dollars for cab and i got the stupid number and i swear to god you better give me my phone snd when i get it and you guys better have it , its my only life line so you just give it to me morons

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