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  • 2018.02.21

    Review of "Canada Post Richmond Delivery Centre" by David Fairful

    We have a new letter carrier delivering to the townhouse complex where I live. Three out of the last four delivery days I have come home and found my mail dropped on the sidewalk in front of my door,clearly visible to anyone walking by. On Thursday, 2-15-18 (the first time I am aware of),my son's government cheque was left on top of the pile. I have been waiting for an expensive item/package to arrive from the USA,now I wonder if it too was left on the sidewalk and was stolen.

  • 2018.02.21

    Review of "Toronto Flower Company" by James

    These guys are the best, amazing flowers and the nicest website to order flowers

  • 2018.02.19

    Review of "Wilcox High Velocity Ltd" by Arleen

    The individual wrote write-up is called Fernande Ivie. What he loves doing is acting and now he is hoping to earn money with so it. He is currently a hotel receptionist. Nebraska has for ages been her your home. Check out my website here:

  • 2018.02.18

    Review of "Suds n Shine Car Wash" by britney

    THEY ARE FRAUD AT ITS FINEST! We regret to say we have unfortunately supported this establishment until yesterday. Our car wash which would usually cost us $8-$9 (read out screen), for magical reason got jacked up to $20. Just so happened this time we checked our bank statement and caught them. Need more proof, please proceed to ALL their Google reviews of how fraudulent they really are and all the people who have caught them doing this crap. DID I STRESS HOW MUCH THIS IS FRAUD?!?!

  • 2018.02.18

    Review of "Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc." by Chia

    they had service on my furnace. I am happy with them and recommend them.

  • 2018.02.17

    Review of "The Pit Stop Hair Shop" by Debbie MARINEAU

    LOVE the style Terry gave me, have been going to this shop since the beginning Reasonable too!! 5 stars

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