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  • March 03, 2022

    Queen Charlotte City Dental Clinic Review by Local human

    They overcharge 60% more than average. The equipment is rusty and the lead dentist treats his assistants like shit. The lady replacing him while he’s on vacation is so disrespectful and unprofessional. She left decay in a filling site and would not take out the last bit near the nerve though I have history of nursing and treating a large filling. She told me I could leave if I won’t allow her to do it as she says even though it’s my mouth, my teeth, & my money paying for her service. I’ve had fillings come out from eating a sandwich from the main guy and he refused to fix it on his own dollar. Go off island for dental care. Not! Worth while.

  • March 03, 2022

    Ritz Exteriors Inc Review by Katie

    DO NOT HIRE - Does not carry valid business licence - Un-licensed and operating as a pre paid contractor. He expects full payment before the project is completed and is NOT licensed to do so. I hired Leon and Ritz Exteriors in August 2021 for an exterior renovation. I used the insurance payout and my savings for a fully upgraded exterior to my home- over $30, 000. It was supposed to be upgrades including: upgrade from metal to James Hardie planking siding and associated trims, metal trim on windows and doors, new eaves, fascia, soffits and stone work for the front of the house. The completion deadline as per our contract of November 15, 2021, came and went, I received nothing but excuses. Leon and I disagree about what is remaining on the project. To him, it is minor touch up issues. To me, it is poor quality installation that does not meet standards. Leon went so far in covering up the actual issues to the point where he advised me that David Tatelbaum, technical rep for James Hardie building products, could come do an inspection on my home and this took place January 2022 . When I didn't receive an inspection report from Leon, I reached out to James Hardie for a copy from David. I was advised by Michelle Dagenais, Sales leader James Hardie that “Our local team is not able to provide inspection reports or auditing services” and then “David goes to site in a training capacity for the contractor.” I knew I had to be majorly concerned and that I was being lied to. I hired an external contractor for a full reporting of all deficiencies, concerns and a full inspection of my home. It failed miserably. Today is March 1, 2022 and my house is still not completed, what is "done" failed external inspections, as it does not meet standards and Leon has just stopped all communications. My home is quite literally exposed to the weather elements because proper protections were not completed. I have siding banging against my house in the wind and on two separate occasions, I contacted Leon to advise and send pictures of sharp metal pieces falling from the roof of my house and garage. Neither message was replied to. In addition to the above, both permanent and temporary damage was done to my property by the contractors. - My sunroom was permanently damaged when the contractors cut (without permission or knowledge) the wooden walls of the structure. - Power was cut to my garage and after months of notifying both the contractor on site and Leon, nothing was done by them. I contacted an electrician who discovered a live cord was cut in my wall and left by the contractor, this was then covered up. - Emergency plumbers were required when the thaw caused a flood in my backyard. My eaves were installed improperly by the contractors. The plumber noted: 3” coupling outside was not glued and there is a crack in the 3” pipe. - Damaged both gates at front and back of property - Contractor garbage and materials still on site I implore you, do not hire Ritz Exteriors or Leon Ritz. Do not support a person or business who cannot uphold professional and/or business standards.

  • March 02, 2022

    Strathcona Excavating Inc Review by Concerned Foreman

    This company employs people who have absolutely no care for the general publics properties or there workers safety. Onsite assaults between there employees. With same operators still showing up on job sites. We will never use this company again.

  • March 01, 2022

    Cabinetsmith Review by Mary

    I had a kitchen and bathroom renovation 6 years ago. I had Cabinetsmith designs installed in both rooms. I am so impressed with the quality of the cabinets, and how well they have held up to everyday wear and tear. Recently I decided that I wanted to order another pantry to match my kitchen. Chris in customer service was so helpful in helping me order the correct design and sizing. Even with Covid, the turn around time was great, it did not take long from the order date, to delivery date. I love my Cabinetsmith kitchen and bathroom, and would not hesitate to order from them again. Great to deal with such a professional, Canadian company!

  • March 01, 2022

    Montakhab Nazanin Dr Review by EagleEyed

    Both husband and wife are extremely low in knowledge. Recently they caused herpes gingivostomatitis after a dental cleaning. Their filthy tools and procedures should not be trusted.

  • February 26, 2022

    Paragon Foot Orthotics Review by Ernest Mandrusiak

    Working with Paragon has been an outstanding experience! Complete customer service and attention to detail at all levels. Everyone that I worked with was extremely passionate about what they do, and are proud to work for the company. To me, that speaks volumes about the company's leadership and the care that they have to know their employees and promote their welfare. Great people making great products! I'm a lifetime customer for sure.

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