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  • October 22, 2018

    Michael Fortin Mortgage Group Review by Macey budgell

    Michael made getting a mortgage 5 years ago and then helping me remortgage 5 years later a breeze. So helpful, friendly and quick!!!!

  • October 22, 2018

    Dr. Oriano Andreani`s Review by Katherine McGraw

    Dr. Andreani is one of the best doctors that I have had the pleasure to know. I was very very sick when I started to see this doctor. If it wasn't for him I would not be alive today. He is very thorough...and if he doesn't know he will find someone who does ! I am blessed to have him on my team ! I don't know what I would do without him and his expertise !! Like I said I am very blessed to have him as a doctor to look after me !! Just love him to pieces!!!

  • October 22, 2018

    Olympic Wholesale Co Ltd Review by Derek

    Olympic Wholesale has a big selection of products, more than just food. It offers baking utensils, various packaging - one-stop shop for this kind of supplies. So, it should be an ideal company to deal with. Except – it is NOT. Before dealing with Olympic I bought my baking supplies from another wholesaler in Ontario, and I LOVED IT. Prompt, pleasant, helpful, informative - it was a great experience. Sadly, they closed down their sales and forwarded me as a client to Olympic Wholesale which carries the stuff I need. I was excited to find their selection was bigger and I had the convenience of a more comprehensive shopping. But I did not realize how far their business standards are from my previous experience. Misinformation (and sometimes total lack of information) about available products were quite common from the beginning. A very rude accountant adding spiteful comments unrelated to our financial dealings, numerous delays with order preparation, several other problems showing incompetence, and general lack of promptness were quite hard to deal with. But as I learned – it was just the beginning. When on a modest order of about 20 different items – FOUR things were handled wrongly, resulting in wrong quantities, two paid-for items totally missing, and two other items I never ordered nor wanted sent to me in error – the real unpleasantness began. That caused me losing money being unable to produce what we needed with only part of required products – but lets concentrate on dealings with Olympic. That was over half a year ago. Since then I tried in vain to make them fix the problem and deliver paid-for goods. Instead of prompt assistance one would expect, I only received lame excuses and endlessly broken promises that they will look into that - “next Monday”, “after the weekend”, and so on, so on, for months to come. Not even once an apology for errors, or a hint of admission that these errors were easy to avoid and are embarrassing. It feels like dealing with spoiled preschool children playing a game of running a shop. No spine, no sense of responsibility, no customer support. When after months of trying to get the missing items I got tired and requested a refund, guess what? I just got more broken promises, and recently my emails are not even being answered. It is now half a year, and I am yet to see my refund for items paid and never delivered. It is in total contrast to what I would expect from any decent company, and I find it terribly disappointing. To give it a justice I should say that the boss seems to be a well meaning person, but completely unable to control things. I am now looking for another supplier, and I am quite sure that whoever I will find, it won't be as bad as this. It is not easy to fail on all fronts when handling a simple order – so things should be better - wherever I'll go. I am approaching my retirement, I dealt with great many companies in my life , and in all honesty this is among my worst experiences ever. If you are looking for courtesy or just a basic but decent customer service and don't want hassle or money spent on nothing – think twice. I share my bad experience to help you have a better one than mine.

  • October 21, 2018

    Highlands Food Mart Review by Minta

    The best store in the neighbourhood, excellent staff which is very friendly, the prices are very reasonable and cheaper than save on food, cigarettes are cheapest in Edmonton. I love shopping here.

  • October 21, 2018

    A Matter of Taste Review by Gary Rankin

    Best food around! Never been disappointed!

  • October 21, 2018

    The Hub Too Review by Hub lover

    I frequent the Hub too and absolutely love it. Food is awesome but company is even better! Stop by and check it out you will not be sorry!!

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