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  • November 15, 2020

    Arthur Voaden Secondary School Review by Someone

    Honestly worst school in Ontario I will never go back here they targets kids they targeted me hard I got kick out of a great school they sent me there and the first day I got there the principal told me if I even looked at someone the wrong way I was gone and he would look for reasons to kick me out they tried to intimidate people and more than half of the teachers would racially profiled my black friend it’s a bad school and needs to be shut down or get rid of both the principals they would call me names and then lie to my mom and say it was all me well yeah you insult me in gonna insult you but when you insult them it’s done your going home they don’t listen to students they always take the teachers side even if there is witnesses

  • November 14, 2020

    Canadian Tire Gas+ Review by O. Fontana

    Nov.13/20- around noon- middle aged man with dark hair & accent yelled at me for having more than 2 lotto tickets. Told me to check my own. I am all for corona safety but he was NOT wearing a mask or gloves. I rarely do the lotto thing & was so stunned at how he spoke to me, I will not go back in & DO NOT FEEL SAFE when the employees of a business don't have PPE. I left!

  • November 14, 2020

    Auto Rajh Review by cami

    We wanted to buy a used car and talked to the cars mechanic who is also a friend of the car’s owner, about some reparations he did under-the-counter. He reaffirmed several times that he changed the timing belt recently. So we bought the car and after 5 month our car broke down, the timing belt had skipped four teeth. The garage told us for sure that the timing belt has not been changed in the last 2 years at least. We are sorely disappointed about being lied to such a major thing. I would never again trust this mechanic or go to this garage for a reparation, you won’t be treated fairly and honestly.

  • November 13, 2020

    Kovacs Paul Dr Review by Patient

    Thanks for absolutely nothing, Doctor! When I came to you, for a referral elsewhere while I was without a GP, and when I plead my case, you ignored my symptoms and recommended a PHYSIOTHERAPIST. I actually watched you "Shut Off" mid-way through my plea. Funnily, that PAIN I had - was breast cancer! Had you been paying attention, had you cared at all in fact, our family would have avoided much heartache and an earlier diagnosis would have saved me much pain and suffering! Shame on you!!

  • November 13, 2020

    Dr.Sheila Purcell Review by Leora

    I had a session with Dr. Sheila Purcell yesterday, and am still physically shaken from her disrespectful, unprofessional and inappropriate treatment of me. Dr. Purcell directed the session a lot more about her and her issues than it was about me and my need to heal and grow. She crossed ethical lines when she addressed very intimate subjects that I did not bring up, to the point of telling me that I should take birth control and limit my and my husband's reproductivity (a very personal choice that is none of her business). For $210, I'm in much worse shape than I was before I came to her.

  • November 13, 2020

    Eagle Plumbing & Mechanical Ltd Review by Faith Mikkelsen

    James responded quickly and did an excellent job with my old pipes flooding in the basement (2xs). Great job in replacing old water main pipes from house and thru backyard. I have complete trust in James, & his crew for really knowing how to tackle plumbing issues, especially in older homes!

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