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  • May 21, 2018

    automotion Review by Perry Elyod

    Good, honest work. May take longer than expected, but no skimping on the details. Yes, could use some maid service in the shop, but it's organized chaos. Been a regular customer for decades, on numerous cars. When I go somewhere else, I'm usually disappointed in the sloppy workmanship, and think to myself - Peter wouldn't do it that way.

  • May 21, 2018

    Buccaneer Restaurant Review by J Kellet

    Are you still taking a cut out of wait staffs’ tips?

  • May 20, 2018

    Josie Tenue de gala Review by Sylvie

    à l'instant Très hypocrites and fallacieuses. Engagent les vendeuses sans respecter aucun nombre d’heures. Ils t’engagent selon la présence du client mais ils ne te le mentionnent pas au début. Tu peux te présenter pour travailler et ils te prennent pour une heure. Boutique toute désorganisée et sale. Plancher crotté, rack non cirés. Parlent dans un français très cassé genre un robe, une voile. Font la segrégation et ordonnent aux employés de ne pas servir quelques communautés en particulier et de ne rien leur montrer. Ils t’engagent et ils ne te parlent pas de paie que si tu la demandes même après 3 semaines. Tu peux demander ta paie et te faire dire que t’aurais du avertir à l’avance et que t’es chanceux parce qu’ils auraient pu ne pas avoir de cash. Mettent le Coran toute la journée très fort mais les principes vont d’une une autre direction.

  • May 20, 2018

    Coates Fine Cars Review by Terry Hoffman

    Visited over 12 used car lots in Barrie, this was by far my best experience. At Coates Fine Cars we were greeted professionally by the staff and sales representative. Advised sale rep what my daughter and I were looking for. Were shown many options and had all my questions answered. Purchased a used vehicle and the process was an excellent experience. The staff was very detailed in the delivery of the car. Great experience.

  • May 18, 2018

    Metro Transportation Services Inc Review by L. Gonsalves

    I've had a brief history with this company in the past. Even though our time together was cruelly cut short and it has been a year since, it's been impossible for me to stop thinking about it. I need Metro to move me again because I'd rather die than live without it. ;-)

  • May 17, 2018

    Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy Review by Victor

    This is the best-kept secret on the island for a man to get a great haircut at a great price: free! (but please leave a nice tip). It helps to allow extra time, as the students are very careful and methodical, but their work is checked by the teaching staff, and they don't make any mistakes. The facility is very modern and well-equipped, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Men with a full head of hair are much appreciated. I've had many haircuts at Gordon robertson, and have never been disappointed. After a cut I have often received compliments from others, and particularly women, who are the most acute critics of all things hair. So I know it's not just good or adequate, but extremely good. Highly recommended.

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